Which way to travel to Koh Lipe?


Koh Lipe, a famous tourist destination in Satun Province, is part of the Andaman Sea with white sandy beaches and clear waters. It is popular among both Thai and foreign tourists. There are many attractions, such as Tarutao Island, Stone Island, 7-color coral reefs, and evening walking streets with a variety of restaurants to choose from. This place is considered a complete natural tourist destination. To get to Koh Lipe, you have to take a boat from Pak Bara Pier. In this article, we will explain how to travel to Pak Bara Pier, the main pier to Koh Lipe.


Pak Bara Pier, the main starting point for traveling to Koh Lipe


Pak Bara Pier is not a very large area, accommodating tourists going to Koh Lipe. Traveling from Pak Bara to Koh Lipe, the pier area has cleaning staff working throughout the day. The interior is clean, air-conditioned, and not crowded, making it comfortable. Around the pier, there are souvenir shops, clothing stores, and various restaurants. While waiting for the boat queue, you can shop and eat in the area. However, you should be at the boarding point at least 30 minutes before the boat departs to prepare for the journey.


Traveling to Koh Lipe

You must board the boat at Pak Bara Pier in La-ngu district, Satun province, which offers various ways to reach Pak Bara Pier. Each mode of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the cost is high, but the travel time is short; sometimes, it may be slower but allows you to enjoy the atmosphere during the journey. It depends on the preferences of the traveler. Many people may still be confused about traveling to Koh Lipe because Satun province itself does not have a train station or airport to directly reach. Today, we present various ways to travel to Koh Lipe. for interested travelers to understand


There are several ways to travel to Koh Lipe, such as:



1. Traveling by train

For tourists coming from Bangkok or the central region, this mode of transportation is suitable for relaxed travelers who want to enjoy the atmosphere during the train journey before going to Koh Lipe. It is the most basic way for tourists who want to visit Koh Lipe. You need to book a train to Hat Yai Junction train station first. The train journey takes approximately 12 hours. Upon arrival at Hat Yai Junction train station, you need to take a motorcycle taxi to the minivan queue at the agricultural market to take a minivan to Pak Bara Pier.

Trains to Hat Yai Junction station

Due to the COVID situation, please check the timetable again on the State Railway's website

  • Train No. 171 (Bangkok - Sungai Kolok) departs from Bangkok at 12:30 PM and arrives in Hat Yai at 6:30 AM.

  • Train No. 31 (Thaksinarath) departs from Bangkok at 2:30 PM and arrives in Hat Yai at 7:25 AM.

2. Travel by regular buses

Go to Koh Lipe by regular buses from Bangkok to Satun. The bus will drop passengers off at the Satun Bus Terminal. Disembark at the La-ngu district bus stop. The average service fee is 700 - 800 baht. It is recommended to choose a bus that arrives at its destination before noon to allow time to travel to Pakbara Pier. Take a shared taxi to Pakbara Pier for only 25 baht or if you want to get there faster, take a motorcycle taxi for around 80 - 100 baht.

3. Travel by private car

This way, tourists going to Koh Lipe can go directly to Pakbara Pier, where there is a car deposit service. For those who are unfamiliar with the route, travel to Satun province first. Once you reach Chalung intersection, there will be a sign to turn right to La-ngu district. Drive along the Chalung-La-ngu road, and there will be signs to Pakbara Pier, or you can follow the GPS by searching for Pakbara Pier.

4. Travel by plane

Go to Koh Lipe by plane. This is the fastest way to travel and allows more convenient time management. You'll have time to shop for clothes and other equipment at the pier before departure. Travelers must book a flight to Hat Yai Airport. It is best to check the arrival time at the destination before 10 am to catch the last speedboat. Then, take a taxi to Pakbara Pier.


Buses to Pakbara Pier with Akira Speedboat


Travel with Akira Speedboat. If you arrive by plane, we will have a car pick you up at Hat Yai Airport to take you to Pakbara Pier, the departure point to Koh Lipe. The travel time from Hat Yai Airport to Pakbara Pier is approximately 2 hours. If there are many travelers in your group, you can charter a vehicle with Akira Speedboat. There are two types of vehicles to choose from: a 9-seat van and a 17-seat minibus. The interiors are clean, comfortable, and the service staff is excellent.

Akira Speedboat's round trips to Koh Lipe are as follows:

  • Departure times (Hat Yai Airport >> Pakbara) are 9.30 am and 11.30 am.

  • Return times (Pakbara >> Hat Yai Airport) are 11.30 am and 1.30 pm.


Book a boat to Koh Lipe with Akira Speedboat


Book a boat with Akira Speedboat, a leading tourism provider offering speedboat services from Pak Bara Pier to Koh Lipe, which is the shortest distance, taking 1 hour and 30 minutes. If travelers come in groups, they can charter a speedboat with us, which has a capacity of 45 seats. We recommend booking in advance to avoid fully booked boats, as boats might be full upon arrival. Booking in advance is more secure. Travelers can book a boat along with Lipe Resort, so they don't have to contact multiple times.

The Koh Lipe boat rounds offered by Akira Speedboat are as follows:

  • Going rounds (Pak Bara >> Koh Lipe) at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

  • Returning rounds (Koh Lipe >> Pak Bara) at 9:30 am and 11:30 am.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many main beaches are there on Koh Lipe?

A: 3 beaches, namely Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Sunset Beach, each giving a different feeling. Additionally, there are small beaches in the north of the island, such as Karma Beach.

Q: What are the most popular activities when visiting Koh Lipe?

A : Snorkeling or scuba diving, watching sunrise-sunset, Thai massage, kayaking, walking street tour.

Q: What are the popular landmarks on Koh Lipe?

A: The popular landmarks on Koh Lipe are Sunset Beach.


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