How good would it be if I booked a boat to Koh Lipe with Akira speed boat ?


Koh Lipe, a famous tourist destination In Satun Province, Andaman Sea with white sandy beaches, clear water and beautiful 7-colored coral sources, is an island that has everything for every taste. Both the natural atmosphere is relaxing and the walking street also has many appetizers. I can believe that Anyone who has been there must returnto Koh Lipe

Because Koh Lipe far from the coast Therefore, it is necessary to travel with a speedboat. Booking a boat to Koh Lipe Must come to the boat at Pak Bara Pier, La-ngu District, Satun Province by speed boat. There are many services to choose from. Which we recommend Akira Speedboat, a company that provides car and boat services directly to Koh Lipe. not through a broker Providing a car service to Pak Bara and a boat to Koh Lipe Which is why you have to use the service with us for what reason We would like to clarify the details of Book a car-boat to Koh Lipe with Akira Speedboat That is definitely worth more than the price.


Pick-up service faster than car


Normally, if tourists don't reserve a car, book a boat to Koh Lipe first after arriving at Hat Yai airport. Have to connect a car to the agricultural market. to take a van to Pak Bara Therefore wastes time in traveling because usually the van on the way It takes time to wait for the bus to be full, and it takes time to buy different tickets, which may cause you to arrive at Pak Bara in time for the last boat. (Last boat leaves at 1:30 p.m.), so we recommend booking a car in advance. For the convenience of tourists, both saving and having time to rest travel to lipe


The car supports tourists traveling by plane.

In addition to the boat booking service to Koh Lipe, the Akira speed boat also offers a car booking service. For foreign and provincial tourists by picking up passengers From Hat Yai Airport to Pak Bara, La-ngu District, Satun Province, takes about 2 hours.


Take a boat to Koh Lipe with a professional team


Book a boat to Koh Lipe with the service of Akira speed boat, who is an agent for picking up and delivering passengers, both cars (from the airport to Pak Bara Pier) and boats (from Pak Bara Pier to Koh Lipe) with expertise and experience. for more than several decades therefore making it popular of various tourists In using the service to Koh Lipe

ท่าเรือปากบาราBoat service to Koh Lipe with Akira speed boat. can travel directly to Pak Bara (Recommended to arrive at Pak Bara before the boat departs) at least 30 minutes. When arriving at Pak Bara Pier, La-ngu District, Satun Province, there will be a 20 baht boat fee as an entry fee. at the entrance to the harbor to present the ticket to the staff before entering the parking lot The sailing time of Akira speed boat usually leaves 2 boats per day at 11.30 a.m. and 01.30. p.m.


Coffee shop supports while waiting Boat to Koh Lipe

akira coffeeThere will be restaurants around Pak Bara Pier. and many souvenirs in tourists shopping Buy souvenirs, which Akira speed boat also has coffee drinks to serve, similar to hot, relaxing, relieving thirst. affect the waves May make passengers seasick.


Take a boat to Koh Lipe absolutely safe


All passengers traveling on the Akira speed boat are required to wear life jackets. for safety on the go because your safety is the most important thing Getting to Koh Lipe The boat ride takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Control the epidemic of virus.

พ่นแอลกอฮอล์ฆ่าเชื้อdesired customer Book a car-boat to Koh Lipe. Don't worry, we have spraying. disinfect every spot on a daily basis for prevention of covid 19 virus For those who come to use the Akira speed boat service, put on a match and cover your mouth throughout the journey, wash your hands with alcohol gel, screen the temperature. because of safety is the most important thing


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during travel ride Boat to Koh Lipe with Akira speed boat. The first place to stop is Koh Talutao, a tourist attraction that should be visited. before reaching Koh Lipe which has a distance Between Pak Bara and Koh Talutao about 30 kilometers. There is Mu Talutao National Park. It is a place rich in animals. and various plant species



The next place that the boat stops at is Khai Island. It is an island that has a lot of photo angles. Both stone arches, white sand beaches, combined with crystal clear waters. by the aforementioned stone arch It is believed that if any couple enters through the doorway Will be a couple, love each other for a long time after the boat stops at each island It takes about 30 minutes for tourists to take pictures at their leisure. And then get on the boat to travel together. Soon we arrived at Koh Lipe. beautiful andaman sea of Satun Province


Relaxing, famous accommodation in Lipe

อาคีรา หลีเป๊ะ

Sleep and relax at Akira Lipe Resort Popular accommodation in Lipe luxury beach resort Inside there are swimming pools, fitness centers and super premium food. The rooms are clean, there are many types to choose from, many styles, good service staff, let me tell you that the stay is very worth the price.


Car-Boat to Koh Lipe Book in advance for sure

อาคีรา สปีดโบ๊ท

Booking a car-boat to Koh Lipe in advance makes tourists Planning a trip to Koh Lipe It's better than not having made a reservation in advance. which guarantees that There are boats for traveling to Lipe, of course, because if tourists Come to reserve the event page. Some boats may be full first. wasting time waiting for the boat The itinerary may be inaccurate.



Q : Booking a ferry to Lipe in advance ?

A : If you need to arrange your trip in advance You can book a boat in advance at Akira speed boat

Q : What is the high season ?

A : High season from November to April. Expect warm, clear weather with light rain. If you come during the peak season especially December and January. We recommend that you book your accommodation in advance.

Q : What is the low season?

A : Low season from May to October. The temperature in Lipe is around 26-28 degrees, comfortable atmosphere all year round. But during this time there may be rain for several days. With fewer tourists, you might be able to get a good deal from some hotels or resorts.


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