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The beauty of Lipe island/Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe, Satun, Thailand

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The beauty of Lipe island/Koh Lipe

All must agree that the beauty of the ocean in the South is amazing by tourists who want to feel the freshness and the virgin feel of the place and be close with the nature and beautiful white sandy beaches. One of the islands in the South of Thailand that is known as the Maldives of Thailand is Koh Lipe. The beauty of the island paradise is ideal for an experienced explorer searching for virgin beauty. On the white powder sandy beach one will lose with the beauty only the first touch when one lay the foot on the beach. The prominent feature of the beauty of Lipe Island is natural coral reefs, the beauty of the vast open bay. There are two main beaches on the island namely Phattaya beach and Chao Lay or Sunrise beach. These are white sandy beaches with a wide curve for many kilometers is available to swim day and night or for those who want to enjoy kayaking is also available for ones who want to seek an unseen location of the island

In the middle of the island is a settlement of sea gypsies Aurak Lavoy which is known as the higher up class of all the original settlements of this island who still maintain their traditional livelihood until the present day such as their home construction with the local wood and material for the roof such as the palm leaf or some may use tin roof, most of the house of the locals here will have a balcony in front of the house that is used for relaxation during the day. Most of them are fisherman. They believe in the spirit and still conduct a boat floating ceremony.

Thd “Maldives” of Thailand is available all year around. The tourists can travel to Lipe island by the public ferry from Pak Bara pier, Amphor Langu, Satun province which will offer the service twice a day in the tourist season.

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